Some general introduction:

The vehicle is powered by two 1.7 HP electric motors and a very big battery (it weighs 70 lbs), and we are using FWD differential steering to reduce the need for a mechanical steering linkage. Currently only the frame has been built, but it is coming together very fast and quite nicely.

The navigation of the vechicle is done usig two seperate navigation techniques, namely dead reckoning and GPS. These two navigational systems are used to steer the vehicle between several GPS waypoints.

Two PID control systems are employed to keep the vehicle on track. One controls the velocity of the vehicle, while the other controls the heading. The translational (forward/backward) control system of the vehicle has been working quite well, but the heading control system has a few kinks that we need to work out.

The vehicle will detect obstacles using cameras positioned at the front of the vehicle. This information will then be used by an obstacle algortihm to avoid obstacles.

...and in case you wanted to know We will be running all of our software on a RT linux kernel. Sorry Bill Gates

And last, but not least we have an E-Stop which stops the vehicle on a dime...

The teams members are as follows
Dan --
Major -- Computer Science
Responsible for -- Primarily responsible for Obstacle avoidance, but helps out with other programming stuff too.

Paul --
Major -- Electrical Engineering
Responsible for -- Our current navigational expert, primarily working on software. Dreams in C.

Matt --
Major -- Electrical Engineering
Responsible for -- Construction of the car. No he's not a mechanical engineering. But does that really matter.

Brian --
Major -- Electrical Engineering
Responsible for -- Help matt with the construction of the car. Losing Hair. And most importantly pressing the E-Stop button when the vehicle attempts to kill off members of the design team.

Me --
Major -- Electrical Engineering & German
Responsible for -- I'm not completely sure what I'm responsible for, I think it has something to do software. I designed the control systems for the vehicle, and have been writing a lot of C code for the project.

...so thats a general introduction, hopefully we will keep this thing at least a little up to date in case anyone is really paying attention to our status. For now though I'm calling it a night.


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you know your an engineer when you can't even spell "using" correctly.


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