Its a bird, its a plane, no its super monitor

Ok so i got the joystick working tonight. Why a joystick? Well when its not being its fun ol' autonomous self I want to drive it around a bit. Anyway I learned a couple of valueable lessons that I must put to use before I fully integrate the joystick.

1. No one in there right mind every needs a logorithmic turning accleration curve.
2. Forgetting to actually make the joystick controlled emergency stop brake the car before it exits the program can make life stink.
3. Getting hit by fast moving objects hurts.
4. I probably could have won an olympic medal for computer(well, monitor) throwing tonight, I think I put the thing like (paul don't read this) 10 feet through the air. It was only the fact that its cord got caught around the vehicles frame that prevented it from going any further.
5. Paul's monitor can survive anything, I swear its true.
6. Sometimes secondary E-stops don't work.
7. The third E-stop should be something more than two tiny buttons on the front of the vehicle.
8. Autonomous vehicles are entertaining and fun....

Well thats it for now, but I'm sure I will have somethign for tommorrow.


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