Made a minor adjustment

OK, so last night Nate had this little problem: The car pulled a wicked tight turn and the wireless e-stop circuit came loose from its battery. Which is not good, seeing as how the wireless e-stop can't wirelessly e-stop to car without power. So I soldered the power and ground leads for the e-stop circuit to terminal rings, and tightened those onto the battery's leads, so the e-stop won't lose power again unless one of the wires breaks (that is to say, until one of the wires breaks). On a similar note, right now the only e-stop button that is actually on the car is made up of the two 1-mm-square buttons on the motor controller, both of which have to be pressed at the same time to stop the motors. Thus, the top that Matt made can't be affixed to the car until there is at least one real emergency stop button on the car, because otherwise the only way to reach the manual e-stop would be to hold up the front of the car while unscrewing the top, and then pressing the two miniscule buttons on the controller. Hopefully I'll have a proper e-stop button in a few days, but we'll have to see. Everybody enjoy the rest of spring break!


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