Software slowly, but surely coming together

Some more updates on the software side of things, as I haven't written in awhile though I seem to be the one who writes the most on this thing. Yesterday and today I sat down for a couple of hours and worked on getting everything into RCS (Revision Control System), and some other software tasks that we have needed to get done. If a segmentation fault occurs in a real-time program it can bring the entire computer crashing to a halt so some additional protection was needed to keep that from ever happening. I added a large amount of code to the project to put the needed redundancies on pointers in place, but that shouldn't affect the program too much.

It really did not take too long, but as soon as I was done with that I finished up the joystick and Compass software. The joystick software is still a bit touchy, and its turning curve will need to be improved... until then though. Compass software was pretty simple since it was using the same interface standard as our GPS. Just a couple of name changes, etc.. and it was good to go.

The thing I am most happy about, is that I have finally got a basic GUI working. Right now it only supports the action buttons; the option buttons; and the camera image (more status windows soon to come). I would put a picture of it on here, but since our CPU does not have network drivers (Dan ignored them) I cannot. Perhaps soon... let me reassure you though it's pretty sweet.

Bis sp├Ąter dann


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