Dead Reckoning is hard

So after a lot of hard time spent in debugging we finally narrowed the dead reckoning navigation problem down to one of the formulas used to determine distance travel. With that fixed we have been able to let the vehicle drive itself around the engineering building for a bit. This is definately a step in the right direction. Hopefully after we correct a small heading problem it should be able to run laps by itself in the engineering building.


Always make sure your software is up to date

Most of this weekend was spent doing some testing of the vehicle outside, but it was behaving a little strangely. After some investigation the design team discovered that had been testing using an older version of their software. The design team quickly switched over to the newer software, which worked a lot better.

However, as per usual something went wrong, and the design team was unable to complete the tuning of the turning PID controller. The problem was with the wheels of the vehicle and as soon as it is remedied testing will resume.